Faithful contribution of the consulting firm FTHM in the social projects of the Consulate of Monaco in Madagascar.

For 8 years, the consulting firm FTHM cabinet has taken part in the various actions of the consulate of Monaco in Madagascar for the development of the country and the well-being of its population. During the year 2014, it emphasizes once again its support in the achievement of social missions introduced by the consulate of Monaco.

Social actions of the Consulate of Monaco in Madagascar concern especially the fields of health, education, the support of disabled or in precarious situation children and of poverty fight. 

As in the previous years, FTHM has continued in 2014 to support the consulate of Monaco to realize their humanitarian projects. 

First of all, the fields of health prevails the actions of the consulate. Indeed, it is essentially about allowing equipment, materials and medical consumables for the public health center like the donation of some materials as the mammographe, the electrocardiogram or others various equipments (beds, mattresses, oxygenators) for public hospitals (CHU, CENHOSOA, CSB2). Moreover, we can also note the consulate’s support to structures working in the healthcare sector (like the Non-Governmental Organization ANYMA or the association “Pour que vive Maroala”) thanks to a financial contribution or an allocation of materials and various equipments. 

Then, education is also a main part of actions lead by the consulate. They concern, as usual, the support for the improvement of the basic education, professional training and the support of educational activities. It is especially about the allocation of computers, and educational tools or also about the improvement of infrastructures and allocation of school furniture to some public and private institutions (like the Centre Juvénat Sacré-Cœur Ambatolampy, the EPP Faravohitra…). These actions lead for a few years were renewed in 2014 and strengthened by a new program of schoolarships with four best private schools in the capital city (Collège Saint-Michel, Lycée Saint-Antoine, Lycée Sainte-Famille and ESCA) by taking in charge the school fees of the 44 best students from modest families. 

Moreover, the consulate also dedicates several of its actions to support disabled or in precarious situation children, thanks to a financial or material contribution like the allocation of computers, school supplies and school books for the center “Enfants du Sourire Réunion – Ambatolampy”, a structure which welcomes deserted or orphan children. 

Finally, as in the previous years, the consulate invest a lot in the fight against poverty in order to improve the everyday life of families with precarious situation, by allocating equipments and supplies to associations working in this field ( like the Association Solidarités Bidonville with granting of computers, health materials, …)

The contribution of the consulting firm FTHM in these charitable actions shows not only its commitment in the citizen’s values but also in the social development of the country.